Golden Ireland was delighted to receive Guaranteed Irish recognition in June 2022. Following a lengthy application process, approval for use of the Guaranteed Irish symbol of trust in business in Ireland was awarded to Golden Ireland having met three main criteria:

 – Supporting sustainable jobs.

 – Contributing to local communities.

 – Committed to Irish provenance.



As one of Ireland’s most enduring and recognisable symbols, Guaranteed Irish actively encourages consumers to support locally based businesses by looking out for businesses and brands that carry the Guaranteed Irish licenced mark when shopping for everyday goods and services online and in stores. As a direct result of making the choice to shop local, you are supporting Irish jobs in our communities throughout Ireland, and building a sustainable local economy for the future of Ireland.

Geraldine McGlynn, Founder and Managing Director of Golden Ireland said: “we are absolutely delighted to have received national recognition and the Guaranteed Irish symbol of trust in our business. Now more than ever, I believe it is essential that we support Irish sustainable businesses whenever and wherever we can. The Guaranteed Irish symbol instills confidence and pride in our brand as we continue to uphold the proud principals of promoting Irish and supporting sustainable jobs.”