Thanks to everybody who took part in our recent survey which was sent to almost 9,000 Golden Ireland members. The lucky winner of the prize draw is Mrs Eileen O’Neill from Dublin 16 who wins a €200 Golden Ireland Gift Voucher.



Survey Results



Male                             31.78%

Female                        67.77%

Prefer Not to Say      0.45%


Tell Us Which Age Category You Fall Into?


50 – 55                     14.87%

56 – 64                     31.79%

65 – 74                     42.05%

75 – 84                     10.26%

85+.                          1.03%


In your opinion what is the most important thing a hotel can offer for an enjoyable stay?


Late Checkout              20.42%

Accessible Rooms        15.92%

Buffet Breakfast            27.63%

Welcome Drink             4.05%

Other (please specify)   31.76%

Comments for Other include: 

Lovely warm greeting from staff, Comfortable Beds, Walk-in Shower, Good Service, Cleanliness, Leisure Centre, EV charging, Location, Good Food, Quiet Rooms, No Single Supplement, Room Upgrades, Earlier Check-in, Entertainment, Tea/Coffee & Scones on Arrival, General Hospitality.


What is Your Favourite County to Holiday In?


Top Ten:

  1. Kerry
  2. Galway
  3. Donegal
  4. Cork
  5. Wexford
  6. Mayo
  7. Clare
  8. Sligo
  9. Dublin
  10. Waterford


How Many Irish Hotel Stays Do You Take in a Year?


1 – 3                   59.91%

3 – 5                  31.03%

5+.                     9.06%


What is Your Favourite Time of Year to Book an Irish Hotel?


Autumn                38.32%

Winter                  8.25%

Spring                  37.25%

Summer              16.18%


In Your Opinion, do Irish Hotels Offer Good Value for The Actively Retired?


Yes                          79.51%

No.                          20.49%



On average, how much do you spend annually on Irish hotel breaks?


Less than €500                21.66%

€500 – €1,000.                46.54%

€1,000 – €2,000             24.12%

€2,000 +                         7.68%


Do You Book Irish Hotel Stays now more as a retired/semi-retired person or less?


More                             82.13%

Less                              17.87%


Do You Like To Travel Alone?


Yes                              15.62%

No                               84.38%


Do You plan Irish hotel breaks with friends/group?


Yes                             57.72%

No                             42.28%


What in Your Opinion is an unforgivable mistake by a host hotel?


Rudeness, Poor Food, Rooms not Ready on Check-in, Unfriendly Staff, Dirty Rooms, Bad Housekeeping, Mix-up with Bookings, No Top Sheet, Lukewarm Welcome, Early Check-out, Cold Foyer, No Lift, Noise, Lack of Accessible Rooms, Overcharging.


How Much are you happy to pay for a midweek luxury break in an Irish hotel?


<€150 a night                  51.76%

€150 – €200                    28.48%

€200 – €300                   12.87%

More than €300             6.89%


What in your opinion do Irish hotels deliver over their European counterparts?


Better value for money    10.14%

Better service.                   9.68%

Better hotel facilities       15.97%

Friendlier Staff.                64.21%


If you booked a holiday with Golden Ireland in 2022, how would you rate your booking experience?


Very Easy                                       51.17%

Easy                                                 33.33%

Neither easy nor difficult            13.62%

Difficult                                          0.94%

Very difficult                                 0.94%


Please Share any other comments you have below:


“You have some great offers, thanks for making it so easy!”

“Keep up the good work and widen the net with hotel choices.”

“Golden years site is a great thing to have for retired people.”

“I do share your advertisements with friends and I know the recommendations have been very successful.”

“Irish hotels stand out for their helpful and friendly staff.”

“I have a keen interest in travel and I love Golden Ireland.”

“My husband and I have only started using Golden Ireland in the last few years and we cannot fault them. Booking is easy. We have got very good value for money each time and been very happy with the hotels we stayed in. I’ve lost emailed tickets on occasion and had to cancel and each time, I’ve dealt with Geraldine via Golden Ireland’s text number and she could not have been more helpful, nothing is a problem or too much trouble, its so wonderful to deal with people like this. I have to say we love dealing with Golden Ireland and will continue to do so and I very often recommend Golden Ireland to my friends and family.”

“I think Golden Ireland is a great idea, especially for people who love to chat with new friends.”

“The website offers excellent value for money, as well as a easy website to use.”

“Great website, use it all the time since I retired.”

“Golden Ireland is a fantastic company and I always recommend it to friends.”