What Is The COVID-19 Safety Charter?


What is it? 
The COVID-19 Safety Charter is a Government-endorsed initiative to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses. 

What it means to the consumer? 
As the tourism and hospitality industry re-opens, it’s essential that everyone – visitors, employees and management alike – can feel confident that a business can re-open safely and the COVID-19 Safety Charter does just this. 

How it offers reassurance? 
The COVID-19 Safety Charter is designed to give comfort and reassurance to employers, employees and customers. Fáilte Ireland has issued sector specific guidelines for tourism and hospitality businesses to guide them in how best to meet the Government’s public health advice; by signing up to this Charter. 

All employees must undertake requisite COVID-19 safety & hygiene control training. 

Covid-19 safety & hygiene control training and the outcomes of this course will ensure they have: 

  • a clear understanding of the COVID-19 infection.
  • an awareness of their role in and responsibility for helping prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • a clear understanding of standard precautions surrounding infection control.
  • a clear understanding of the correct hand-washing techniques and practices.
  • a clear understanding of how to apply this knowledge to their place of work.

Once a business has been approved by Fáilte Ireland as eligible for the COVID-19 Safety Charter they can display this status throughout the business premises and online platforms. 

The Safety Charter demonstrates to customers and employees that a tourism and hospitality business, are operating in line with current Government public health advice and with safety and cleaning protocols in place.